How do we improve the current health system?

Data security

Health data of people are of paramount importance. It is currently located in different databases that may be very vulnerable. Any alteration of the them could imply serious consequences for the user. Access to these data may condition many vital aspects of which people must be protected.

Increase in costs

The costs of prevention, diagnosis and treatments are increasing year after year for the health industry, exceeding now 800 billion dollars worldwide *. Growing life-expectancy-rates of the population is another factor that dramatically increases the healthcare expenses in the developed societies.

Data fragmentation

The dispersion of patients medical information makes it impossible to effectively manage data that, currently, does not add value to the industry's supply chain. In addition, the exponential increase in the complexity of the system has facilitated this fragmentation by diverting healthcare systems from their relationship with the patient.

The Dalphie solution

A platform where the data provided by the users allows the creation of an optimal ecosystem in which interested entities can solve different existing problems, analyzing the information obtained with the data. This ecosystem, based on the interested relationship of all parties, will increase its value in the healthcare industry as more actors join in to interact on the platform.

Sovereign Digital Identity

The creation of the sovereign digital identity-SDI will allow the user to manage the value of their data and may limit access to them or establish what data to share. This innovation affects the entire health value chain. Access to the health data of millions of anonymous people will allow creating new and better treatments, while new ad-hoc research and better prevention policies.

Services from the mobile

Devices that connects to our cell phones, monitors our health and brings us closer to analysis and diagnosis services while dramatically reducing health costs. Not only in developed countries, but all around the world, millions of people will be able to analyze their health, heart, diabetes, DNA analysis data ... Everything from the mobile and at affordable prices preserving their anonymity ... this is the future of the prevention in health.

Cross connection

The health of a person can be represented in a set of data that has been extracted, stored, related, and processed. In the interpretation and analysis of them, health professionals, research institutes, or public healthcare organizations can find therapies, studies or adjust measures in the prevention of diseases not only to a user or typology of specific user but to the world population.

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What benefits dalphie brings

The participation of many entities with varied interests and different areas of knowledge related to human health, along with the intensive application of big-data analysis systems, learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, will mean a quantitative and qualitative leap in the improvement of people's health and cost savings.

In addition, we intend to be an important facilitator of the present-day worldwide transition aimed towards a preventive and more patient-centered healthcare.

Through the prevention and health diagnostics available with the use of wearables and mobile devices and access to the platform.
The processes of analysis and data-learning, contributed by each of the entities and the millions of users, generate a global market of health data for common benefit.
Diagnosis and prevention systems save billions in futher palliative costs and in underdeveloped healthcare systems while they are offered high value services at a very low cost.
Professionals and healthcare companies will be able to access updated and constant data that will optimize their research, favoring better developments.
Public administrations will be able to bet on effective prevention policies reducing current costs, adjusting budgets without reducing services.

The health market

4 Billion users

Anyone with a smartphone can share and sell their health data. More than 350 million people will have a wearable by the end of 2018. Millions of people will be able to access to on-line diagnostics

Health industry

Pharmaceutical companies will be able to analyze the results of their medicines. Medical research companies will have a live data bank. Streamlining all the research models.

Health services

Insurers and healthcare organizations will be able to incentivize prevention policies and reduce the costs of analysis and diagnosis with a follow-up of anonymous users from the platform.



Cardiovascular diseases account for almost 70% of health expenditure in developed countries and the greatest cause of mortality in them.

Periodic, regular and continuous monitoring of the heart would allow an early diagnosis and therefore the application of initial phase solutions that would avoid and/or delay a large number of heart diseases, saving many lives and improving the quality of life of people, in addition to drastically reducing the financial resources required.

The use of wearables together with the application of analysis algorithms and machine learning systems will result in a continuous learning of the cardiological behavior of the user in particular and the whole set of people connected to the system, for the benefit of all.

cardio warning

Universal service

Universal service approach to analysis, interpretation and diagnosis of ECG. Accessible from all over the planet by any hardware device that generates an ECG, any doctor, hospital, health service, institution, corporation that needs it, remote areas with difficult geographical access, countries or areas with fewer resources, NGOs, etc.

Research tool

Designed as a research tool to accelerate the discovery of new patterns and parameters of cardiovascular diagnosis from an EGC database specially classified and exploited by Big Data technologies

Global Platform

Global platform for the prevention of cardiovascular health. A simple, intuitive and operative application in the cloud, will allow everybody to have a vision and a 360º management of the personal cardiovascular health in a continuous way and also to make available to our medical service the personal cardiovascular related history and the Real-time relevant information in an easy and fast way.

The investment

The investment formula will be defined by the sale of use licenses so that the licensees exploit the commissions generated in each of the transactions of the system.

2.5 million Euros in 1st round of private investment. SoftCapital- 4.5 million Euros HardCapital.

Once this amount has been reached, the incorporation of 30 licensees into the ecosystem will be closed until the milestones proposed in the roadmap have been met.

The following sales of use licenses will be linked to the need to increase the transaction processing capabilities of the system.

  • The investment of the sale of the licenses of use will be destined to:

  • Complete the development of the blockchain infraestructure.
  • Complete the development of the sovereign digital identity.
  • Development of the prototypes of the systems of analysis and diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases "cardiowarning"
  • Communication and marketing actions aimed at increasing the DALPHIE ecosystem with partners that add value to the ecosystem.

Income for the investor.

It includes the Commissions on all system transactions executed by the system's license nodes.

The DALPHIE network is permissive and in the blockchain that processes the system transactions, only those nodes that have been approved by the network administrator can service.

All the transactions that are generated in the system have a value related to the price of the purchase sale of the shared data and of all the services that are offered on these data, analyzes, diagnoses, investigations etc, leave a commission in the nodes of the licensees.

The licensees will be the ones who collect the value that the transactions generate to the whole system.

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the token

It is a utility token that facilitates the system to measure and monitor all of its activities, provides reputation and allows payments to be settled quickly within the ecosystem.

The price of the token will have a parity value to the FIAT currency in which the platform operates.

When any entity wants to operate in the ecosystem, it must change the currency or cryptocurrency that it uses to the token of the platform that will be deposited as the balance in its wallet.

The tokens will be delivered through an internal exchange office, this office facilitates the operation to any entity of the system.

There are as many tokens as there is "fiat" balance in the system. When an entity changes tokens in the exchange office these tokens are "burned".

  • Uses of the Token in the system

  • Sale of any user data, company, research etc
  • Diagnostic services.
  • Reports and investigations of the system.
  • Rewards and Incentives.
  • Transactions of the nodes, validations, observations of the system.
  • Data storage.
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The team

A team composed of experts in very different fields ... physicists, cardiologists, mathematicians, entrepreneurs, software architects, neurobiologists, publicists ... People who are willing to carry out the challenge of improving the health of the world, thanks to the exploitation of the data. The next health revolution.

Don´t miss the opportunity to collaborate with this team

Josu Rebollo

Coordinador de Proyecto
Emprendedor tecnológico
Co-Founder Ubicua Technologies

Andrei Mikhin

Arquitecto de Software
Doctor Ingeniero-Físico
Universidad de Moscú
Co-Founder Ubicua Technologies

Vladimir Perez

Arquitecto de Software
Doctor Físico -Matemático
Universidad de Moscú
Co-Founder Ubicua Technologies

Iñigo Molero

Blockchain Evangelist
Co-Founder Ubicua Technologies

Antón Kuranov

Desarrollador FullStack

Alexander Vavilin

Consultor Advisor

Alberto Sarmentero


Raúl Montero


Daniel Martín


Ana Sánchez

CFO Cardiowarning

Fernando García


Ismael LaPlaza

Jege de Cardiología Hospital de Ibiza

Manuel Docavo



Cardiólogo Puerta de Hierro

Julia Giomar


Ramón Risco

Físico especialista en criopreservación
Catedrático Biotecnología
Asesor científico

Cesar Carballo

Jefe de Urgencias del Hospital La Paz
Asesor científico diabetes

Jan Tesarik

Reproducción Asistida
Asesor científico Reproducción

Irache Gómez

Socia Auren Abogados
Asesora legal

Lidia Montoliu

CEO e-comunica
Asesora Estrategia de comunicación

Valeriya Udalova

CEO Kriorus

Sergey Sevantsyan

Blockchainer, International Public Keynote Speaker

Andrey Voronkov

Voronkov Ventures ltd. founder, SONM co-founder


This is the Roadmap for the development of the platform and cardiowarning cardiology analysis service.

q1-Q2  2018

Definitions and Whitepaper.Platform design. Team creation

q3 2018


Investment Marketing Campaign.

q4 2018

Digital Identity. Testing the platform and the token economy.

q1 2019


The platform manages transactions. CardioWarning - first health service to be integrated.

q2 2019


Enhanced functionalities of Digital Identity.

q3 2019


Integrating new health services. Platform deployment in USA

Q4 2019

Opening new markets.

Q1-Q2 2018

Close Business Plan.

Q3 2018


Start of agreements.

Q4 2018


Selection and creation of the team. Closure of software requirements for signal decomposition.

Q1 2019


Publication of list of arrhythmias detected, severity, order of implementation and dates. Integration in DALPHIE.

Q2 2019


Q3 2019


Selecting hardware devices for continuous and timely monitoring. Agreements in the USA and Europe.

Q4 2019

Operating product in the absence of approvals. Closing of integration agreements with manufacturers and initial deployment in the USA.

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